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We announced Evgenin Prigozhin’s death. We didn’t need to do more, others did it better: @alleyesonwagner, @casusbellii, @meduzaproject.

Prigozhin’s airplane’s crash echoes Putin’s signature: the metaphor of the Fall. Let’s remember that in the Russian president’s close circle, personalities often «fall».

A few examples:

– Ivan Peshorin, fell and drown from his boat, in September 2022. He was the director a Russian airline industry company;

– Anton Gerashchenko falling in the stairs in September 2022, former rector of the Moscow aviation Institute;

– Pavel Antov falling of his hostel’s window in December 2022, oligarch;

– Piotr Kucherenko mysteriously ill during a plane flight in May 2023, vice minister of Sciences and Higher Education;

– Kristina Baikova falling from the 11th floor in June 2023, vice president of Russian Bank Loko.

Then, Putin dismissed General Sergey Surovikin on Wednesday, Prigozhin’s best ally from the MoD.

We can prove Wagner’s exactions because we monitor the group’s activities. Our monitoring gives us access to the Wagner’s group activities and gives us the opportunity to follow them and launch rumors to amplify conflicts within the community.

These rivalries show the doubts and weaknesses that surrounds Putin’s organization.

By saying this, we do not think that Wagner will be forgotten or destroyed. It is certainly weakened but still exists. These mercenaries are still present in Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa.

We have no doubt that they will be able to reorganize and rise again, maybe in another form, another name, soon…

Our vocation is to inform but it would be pointless without your follow-up.

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