False flag operations: How mercenaries might be used to create a pretext for invasion in Ukraine

Mercenaries of Wagner PMC ChVK just minutes before killing civilians

British newspaper Inews alerts on the possibility that Russia might conduct false flag operation to justify an invasion of Ukraine.

Taz Ali – INews – February 16th 2022

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This possibility is taken very seriously by senior Western security officials contacted by Inews. False falgs operations could include assassinations and sabotage. Such actions might give the Kremlin a justification to launch an invasion. It might at least give a reason to threaten the Ukrainian governement even more and add additional pressure.

Mercenaries would be the perfect handyman for such missions, since Russia could plead « plausible deniability ». Let us recall that Russian mercenaries, particularly Wagner Group, are alledgely active in the ukrainian conflict since 2014.

The link between top Wagner leaders and Russian intelligence services make their use in false flag operations likely. Furthermore, it is assumed that mercenary presence in Ukraine has been increasing in the past few weeks. This surge allow Russia to strenghten its military presence without deploying even more regular troops.

However, this growing mercenary activity is not in itself sufficient to declare that false flag missions are under way. Still, it is a stark indicator of growing tensions and can only blur even further the lines in the current crisis.

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